Каспийское море
    Берега Каспия отличаются большим разнообразием. Горы, то обнаженные, то покрытые роскошной древесной растительностью, сменяются низменностями, болотистые равнины — сухими степями или безводными пустынями.

    ПОГОДА ВО ВЛАДИВОСТОКЕ: Россия, Приморский край
    3-го по 5-е марта ожидается малооблачная погода, с температурами ночью от -13 до -5, днем от -6 до +1 градуса. Погода во Владивостоке в это время ясная и морозная. Погода на неделю во Владивостоке (Приморский

    Купить сухие продукты, морскую капусту, чипсы
    Разнообразие вкусов в магазине «Аша». Живая еда является залогом долголетия и сил. Различные аюрведические сухие продукты не стали тому исключением и всегда доказывают нам, что вкусное бывает еще и полезным.

    «Морская свежесть» – идеи декорирования комнат
    Когда в твоём доме светит солнце, всё вокруг пропитано летним настроением, а лёгкие оттенки обволакивают каждый уголок комнаты, хочется жить и радоваться каждому прожитому дню! Для того чтобы создать такую

    Авсаллар – отдых на Средиземноморском побережье Турции
    В устаревшем представлении многих, Турция – это чисто восточная страна. Усатые мужчин с красной феской на голове. Женщины, закутанные в платки и длинные одеяния. Люди, которые хотят сделать на тебе деньги.

    Море Тетис. От океана Тетис к Паратетису
    Вернемся мысленно в прошлое, в геологический период, именуемый палеогеном,  и окинем взглядом юг России как наиболее интересущий нас регион, и прилегающие территории. Прилегающие территории в данном

    Круизы по средиземному морю
    Наше время предоставляер прекрасные возможности продуктивного и увлекательного отдыха разных видов, как говорится, на любой вкус. Современные активные люди, которые склонны к романтизму и стремятся как


ТОП 5 Запрещённых игрушек для Детей

Опубликовано: 06.10.2017

видео ТОП 5 Запрещённых игрушек для Детей


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54 Most Inappropriate children's toys ever made. Hilariously unintentionally perverted Christmas toys. They are disturbing, shocking, and downright creepy. They are tasteless, demented and designed for children. These are the 54 Most Inappropriate Toys Ever.... on Serious delivery #54 Hasbro Playdough Cake Mountain #53 Mickey Microphone #52 Pee and Poo Stuffed Toys #51 3M Wall Mounts #50 Milky The Marvelous Milki #49 Hannah Montana Gummies #48 Deer ride #47 You Can Shave The Baby #46 Doll #45 Turd Toy #44 Star Wars Jar Jar Binks Sucker #43 Nature World Animal Toys #42 Pregnant Barbie #41 Squeeze Poppers Bear #40 Batman Squirt Gun #39 Pirate Slide #38 Balzac Balls #37 Atomic Energy Lab #36 Hot Wheels The Muppets Beaker Car #35 Bubble Wand #34 Buzz Lightyear Sippy Cup #33 Wooden Whistles #32 Board Game #31 The Breast Milk Baby #30 Pull Toys #29 Dora The Explorer Aqua Pet #28 E.T. Finger Light #27 Dive Sticks #26 Am I Like Father #25 Frooze Pops #24 Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pets #23 Marvel Deluxe Shape Shifters Punisher Action Figure #22 Poo-Dough #21 Hot Dog Game #20 Japanese Kids Game #19 Road Kill Teddy #18 Growing Up Skipper #17 Road Kill Kitty #16 Sixfinger #15 Pole Dancer Doll #14 Sponge Bob Balloon #13 Sperm Stuffed Plush Toy #12 Peekaboo Pole Dance Starter Kit #11 Foam Toy #10 Superman Snuggles #09 Donald Duck Ride #08 Tub and Toot Doll #07 Two Finger Squirter #06 Disney's Tarzan Action Figure #05 What's Yours Like? #04 Wolverine Blow-up Hammer #03 Wonder Woman Scissors #02 Winnie The Pooh Spin Top #01 Tickle Me Elmo ( Strangle Me Elmo)

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Did you have AMERICAN FLYER TRAINS when you were a kid? Or an ERECTOR set, Chemistry or Microscope set, if you did than you know the name of Gilbert and A.C. Gilbert. Want to see more Gilbert videos and toys? Than go to http://www.rfgco.com. Explore all the areas of the RFGCO website, from History to Picture Gallery. http://www.rfgco.com/history/ http://www.rfgco.com/gallery/ Need Parts or supplies? Then visit http://www.rfgco.com/catalog/ The RFGCO website has all the information you'll ever need for running, repairing and just enjoying AMERICAN FLYER TRAINS!


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Here is the Top 10 Worst Toys Which Was Recalled But They are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys Ever Produced in the History of Mankind. #10. Battlestar Galactica Missile Launcher The Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Was one of the very first toys to include a fire-able missile Which case the death of 4 years old boy Tom Rosinski. The boy fire the Battlestar Galactica toy missile directly into his mouth which get stuck and cause his death. The doctor had done a 30 minutes operation before Tom Rosinski passed away. #9. Clackers Clackers was a a Toys Made of 2 Glass Marbles Yes it is Glass Which is freaking have which lead cause of Multiple head injuries When the Kids start the Clackers going in a Loop. The Balls it Self Shattered Which was Glass Cause a lot of Kids to Bleed #8. Pool Dive Sticks Dive Sticks Was Manufacturer By Many Companies Under Many Names and Dive Sticks Was Designed to Stand up in the Bottom of the Kids Swimming Pool Which the Kids Need to Pick Which Cause 1 Death of Young Kid #7. The Yo-Yo Ball In 2000 More than 400 Cause was reported related Yo-Yo injuries of Kids Playing With YoYo. The Cord of the Yo-Yo was the reason of which cause to serious neck Injuries and even one little girl was all most choked to death before she was Rescued. #6. Sky Dancers This Toy Was Inspired By the Iconic Barbie and It Was Helicopter Flying Toy Which Cause Multiple Injuries to Kids the Hard Plastic Multiple Injuries to Kids Was it Using. Sky Dance Was Dangerous that Over 9 Millions Was Recalled Due to the Fear of Dead by it. Sky Dancers Caused More than 150 injury to kids and adults. #5. Flubber This Toy First Debuted in 1962 and it cause a lot of kids back 1960 suffer from Rashes , fever and even sore throats which end up the kids in the Hospital. Finally the FDA Did an Inquiry on the Flubber and Said the Flubber Contain Harmful Materials Which is Causing all the Infections and It Was Recalled. #4.Easy Bake Oven by Hasbro This Baking Oven Was First Launch in 1950 and it cause burn to hundreds of Young Girls. If Your Finger is Trapped inside While Baking Tiny Cookies than it will Burn it and Finally in 2007 it was Recalled and the Distribution Had Stopped. #3. CSI Crime Lab Kit This Kit was Design to Make Kids Interest in Forensics Science But it was recalled after 2 years of best selling due it contain asbestos in the fingerprint powder , Asbestos is Very Lethal Which Can Cause Lung Cancer and Also Death #2. Lawn Darts This is Not a Toy But a Weapon to Kill Someone But Don't Know How it was Market as a Toy Which Over 7,000 Injuries and 4 Death Before it Was Ban in USE #1. Nuclear Atomic Energy Lab Kit If You Want to Learn Chemistry than The Best Way is To Play With Real Uranium Right. This Was the Most Dangerous Toy that it Can Cause Radiation to Kids and If This Toy Was Not Called than Maybe Some Genius kid Had Build a Nuclear Bomb From and Had Become the Next Albert Einstein. All the Images are Use for Informational Under the Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. Now Subscribe to Jungle Jimmy Channel and Wait for More Upcoming Top 10 and Top 5 Videos. #1. Top 10 Most Amazing Jobs in Today World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Ok4j8EDtE

ТОП 5 Запрещённых игрушек для Детей

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